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ZHEJIANG JIUAN INDUSTRY&TRADE CO.,LTD. to use premiere high security door, steel doors, non-standard the door and went underground the door, the garage door, and metal work for the development of the national hardware, development, production, sales and service of modern enterprises.Existing building 42,000 sq meters, the company drew on and hardware in the design of hardware products and machinery manufacturing and marketing gathered all aspects of the advantages of the rich countries and enterprises and develop strengths and disciplined, effective management mechanism Giants "xinjiada" series product in material, craft preferred, the people, technology development, graphics design, surface treatment in a superior, and in the industry in the advanced level high precision cad to design, modern production stage, delicate production equipment and the high quality professional technical staff, ensuring "xinjiada" product good security guard move, with a unique style and fashion design and excellent quality is guaranteed.
Xinjiada of quality management in strict accordance with IS09001: 2000 quality management system operation, and based on industry characteristics and the actual situation within the company developed a series of tests to regulate and control means, the real responsibility to every post, every process, for everyone, from top to bottom one mind, full participation, checks ateach level to ensure the product quality stability. In addition, we through timely, continuous improvement of the problem points to ensure that a cross-check the rising pass rate to ensure that every product manufactured is a few quality. Our quality objectives are: to meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations.
We welcome the domestic and foreign new old customers coming to the guidance!

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